Best Air Assist Module for the Ortur Laser Master or other diode laser!

  Download Model: Pieces required for this project:  -6mm Hose:  -M3 Bolts:  -MK8 Nozzles:  -1/4-20 Nylon Bolt:  -Small Air Compressor: Print Settings  Printer brand: Any  Printer: Any  Rafts: No  Supports: No  Resolution: 0.2 or 0.3mm  Infill: 20%  Filament color: Black (or you pick)  FilamentContinue Reading

Ender 3 Z Axis Support

Since Creality was running a special on the Ender 3’s I purchased a number to refresh our print farm here at DIY3DTech and with this converted to them direct drive extrusion using this kit (see more here: ). Because the Ender 3 has only one Z-Axis and we areContinue Reading

Laser Pointer Adapter to Alton Laser

This model is designed to mount higher powered green laser to common low power laser level (ALTON MODEL 13202 PROFESSIONAL MULTI-BEAM LASER LEVEL KIT) for extended range.  This build also used four 1/4-20 (preferably nylon: ) to cinch the body to the level and two, to cinch the laserContinue Reading

Affordable Ortur Laser Master Cardboard Bat Box for Holloween!

What is Halloween without a cardboard bat box?  Well in fact you can make this out of what ever you want to and just glue and stack! Download Model: Also be sure to check our Ortur Laser Resource Page: Our Preferred 450nm laser safety glasses: Diode LaserContinue Reading

Ortur Laser Master created USB storage Tray!

This is a USB storage tray design, you can cut out any number of the top layers (one with holes)  from card board and stack them (typically you would need 3x 3mm sheets)  or us Kaizen Foam (see more here: ) in which case you will likely only  oneContinue Reading