Arduino Prototyping Rail System!

Arduino Prototyping Rail System

With fall in the air, the urge to leave the beach and start working on electronics is starting to itch so to scratch it by developing an Arduino Prototyping Jig. Now I had already created a re-mix as a starter, then got thinking, what about the Nano and SainSmart relays? What about also expanding it from 20×20 maker rail to 20×40 for more stability so that is what I did! As my inspiration for this design came while sitting at my workbench as I faced the project from a “forward” angle and not top down. This made it uncomfortable to work with as all the pins as they were hard to see so figured why not tilt everything on a 30 degree angle so its easy to see? Well here we are and will keep adding to the collection so check back on a regular basis!

Maker Rail:

1-1/2-Inch Surface Grip Adhesive Non Slip Pads:

M3 Nut and Bolt Section:

Arduino Uno Boards:

SainSmart Rely Boards:

Arduino Nano Boards

Arduino Nano Screw Terminal Shields:

Download Model Here:

Print Settings
 Printer brand: Any
 Printer: Any
 Rafts: No
 Supports: No
 Resolution: 0.2 or 0.3mm
 Infill: 20%
 Filament color: Red (or you pick)
 Filament material:

The Nano and SainSmart board print on their side with support everywhere where as the Uno version prints flat on the bed with no support. All of the Magic nut things, legs, and standoffs all print as is without supports…