USB Storage Tray!

Ortur Laser Master created USB storage Tray!

This is a USB storage tray design, you can cut out any number of the top layers (one with holes)  from card board and stack them (typically you would need 3x 3mm sheets)  or us Kaizen Foam (see more here: ) in which case you will likely only  one layer.  Then there is a sold base which can be cut out of cardboard (or other material) and glued as the base to either the top cardboard pieces or the Kaizen Foam.

Download Model Here:

Also be sure to check our Ortur Laser Resource Page:

Our Preferred 450nm laser safety glasses:

Diode Laser Lens:
Must have G8 replacement lens:
Handy lens for thing stock:

3D Printable Ortur Large Format Laser Upgrade Parts:
-Leg Retainers:
-Cable Management:
-Laser Focus Knob:
-Laser Air Assist:

Other useful parts:
-9mm x 0.5mm lens barrel tap:
-Slicone tubing for air assist:
-Small Air Compressor:

SVG Grid:

Ventilation Components:
-4 Inch Desktop Hood:
-4 Inch x 25 Foot Hose:
-4 Inch Blast Gate:
-4 Inch In-Line DC Fan:
-4 Inch Adjustable Clamps:

Preferred Control Software (LightBurn):

Also if you want to learn more about laser safety, we have linked a PDF form Laser Vision which we recommend as well as their products too:

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